Cremation Services & Prices

Precious Pets Crematory offers Private Pet Cremations.  

The staff at Precious Pets Crematory assures you that your special family member will be handled in a gentle and respectful manner. Precious Pets Crematory wants to help you in making certain that your beloved pet has a prompt and dignified cremation.

Private Cremation

Private cremation means that your pet is placed PRIVATELY into the cremation chamber.

Private cremation services includes the Private cremation process, placing the cremated remains in an urn of your choosing and your pets cremains can be then picked up at our facility.  A certificate of cremation is issued with every Private Cremation along with your pet being memorialized on our website with a memorial tribute photo for two years.

The Private cremation fee includes a basic urn for your pet.  If it is your intention to bring your beloved pet to us please call first to verify our presence in the building.  We will fill out our Cremation Authorization/Release Form when you bring us your pet for your appointment.

Weight of Pet
0-50 LBS $195
51-100 LBS $250
101-150 LBS $290

Communal Cremation is not offered at our facility and here is why

Pet crematories that choose to do this type of cremation face logistical complications as for they have to wait to collect enough animals to warrant a cremation burn cycle.  This means that your pet could be sitting in their freezer for days to weeks awaiting cremation while that pet crematory waits to collect enough animals to justify running a cremation cycle.  I respect your pets remains and choose not to do this to them.

If you do not want your pets cremains returned to you, I will still cremate them privately and dispose of the cremains  for you.  This is why the cost is the same whether you want cremains returned or not. 

The Cremation Process

Cremation is a very clean and rapid method of reducing ones remains.

During the cremation process, your pet is gently laid on the hearth of the crematory, and the door is closed. The door remains closed until the cremation is complete. Cremation of an average-sized pet takes about 1-2 hours. When the process is complete, the cremains are cooled and then gathered and handled with care as they are processed and placed into an urn of the owner’s choice and packaged for return to the family.